Authentic Swing Asterix – 2.5m – Sprayed gray

 445,00 incl. 21% BTW

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The Excellent swing Asterix is constructed of planed, dried and 95% core-free Douglas fir (splinter-free).
No sharp corners, but tight bevelled edges make for a very exclusive but most importantly aesthetic swing!
The uprights are treated with Postsaver to prevent the rotting process. So the swing guarantees many years of outdoor fun!
The swing comes as a kit with clear instructions to install it yourself.


Width: 250cm
Height: 235 cm
(about 80 cm in the ground)
Uprights: 14 cm x 14 cm
Fastening: Screws

Double the lifespan of the wood
Every Authentic swing what goes into the ground comes with a Postsaver. During placement, 5 cm of the Postsaver is left above ground and about 35 cm below ground. Because the sleeve reduces the moisture content well below 25%, the organisms that cause wood rot will not be able to live, keeping the pole in optimal condition.

Safe finish
The swings are safely finished with cover caps where screws will be used, this is to provide complete safety.

Choose wood treatment
Silver Gray Sprayed.

Swing hookThe swings come standard with the correct number of carabiners.
250 cm = 4 swing hooks