Douglas Tumble Rack Kwik – extension

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This is in addition to the Outdoor Island swings, not available separately!

This robust double tumble bar is made of Douglas beams of 11x11cm

Width of the diving bar: 90 cm or 125 m
Height beams above the ground: 150 cm
About 100 cm in the ground.
Including tumble bar red or green. Or stainless steel at extra cost

CE Marking
The CE certificate indicates that this product meets legal requirements. Among other things, in the areas of safety, health and the environment. The product complies with the applicable rules within the EU. Each swing will be provided with a CE marking plate.

Double the lifespan of the wood
Every Douglas fir swing that goes into the ground comes with a Postsaver. During installation, 5 cm of the Postsaver is left above the ground and about 65 cm below the ground. Because the sleeve reduces the moisture content well below 25%, the organisms that cause wood rot will not be able to live, keeping the pole in optimal condition.

Safe finish
These Douglas swings are safely finished with cover caps to provide complete safety.

Choose your wood treatment
This Douglas swing gives you the opportunity to choose from 3 different surface treatments, namely, untreated, green impregnated or 2x black sprayed.