Garden House Viva Afrormosia

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Garden House Viva Afrormosia

The Viva gazebo with or without a lounge is an obvious choice.

The horizontal lines create a contemporary look and fit nicely into the atmosphere of everyone’s garden.

DIMENSION = width x depth



  • 22 x 145 mm shelf Afrormosia
  • Placed horizontally
  • Height: 2350 mm


  • Osb underroof and EPDM provided with tapped hole and supplies for drainage
  • Aluminum or black anodized roof edge


  • 1 x single door without glass: 1930 x 870 mm (central at the front)
  • 1 x window with clear glass: 300 x 1600 mm (left facade)


  • There is an anti-condensation facade cloth between the framework and the Finishing slats
  • The framework of the door is made of padouk (durability class 1) for the sake of stability.
  • Lounge: the material for finishing the front of the back wall is supplied separately.


With a ventilation grille, you can prevent moisture from entering your pool house. Tip: always place 2 pieces facing each other for good air circulation.

The aluminum sealing profile is the ideal edge finish for your roof. Easy to assemble from high-quality aluminum


  • All wood is carefully sorted, graded and dried in open air for processing. Red Norwegian pine wood is treated at Houtland under high pressure, making it extremely suitable for exterior use.
  • The garden houses are delivered in pre-assembled panels where each wall consists of 1 part up to 4 meters.
  • The cladding of the summerhouse always has a wood thickness of at least 22 mm.
  • The frames of the walls are constructed of impregnated slats 35 x 57 mm.
  • Impregnated beams of 35 x 145 mm are provided for the roof supports.
  • The osb boards (18 mm) are calculated according to the size of your summerhouse. The epdm roofing is also provided in one piece to match the size of your chosen gazebo.
  • The door frame (35 x 95 mm) is always in padouk (durability class 1) for the sake of stability. The recessed lock and sturdy hinges are made of stainless steel. The lock plate is fully recessed.
  • Each summerhouse comes standard with a single door (1930 x 870 mm) and a fixed window with clear glass (300 x 1600 mm).
  • Fast delivery time guaranteed

Customization is always an option with these models.