Oregon beams 70×180 – 9.15m

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Discover the exceptional quality of our European Oregon beams with these specific details:

  • Dimensions: 70mm x 180mm (gross size)
  • Wood type: European Oregon (also known as Douglas wood)
  • Applications: Ideally suited as lumber for various structures, including timber frame construction, walls, floors and roofs.
  • Length: Impressive 9.15 meters
  • Customization options: Add planing, watering or impregnation of your choice with your order
  • Strength class: C18
  • Special requests: Longer lengths available upon request

These versatile Oregon beams not only offer durability and reliability but are also customizable to your specific project requirements. Personalize your order with optional planing, drenching or impregnation options.

Wood, as a natural product, can develop small cracks or fissures during the drying process. To embrace this natural character, we recommend ordering enough extra length. So don’t over-order to ensure your project meets the highest standards.

Delivery time for these high-quality Oregon beams varies between 5-15 business days. If you choose impregnation, the delivery time may extend to 10-20 working days. For more detailed information about our Oregon beams 70×180 and to customize your order, we invite you to contact us. Bear Wood is ready to support you with excellent materials and service.