Oregon truss 32×230 – 3.05m

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Oregon trusses 32×230

Oregon trusses 32 x 230, the best quality for your project!

These beautiful straight sawn trusses can be used for all kinds of things. You can use them as roof supports or trusses or as purlins for your roof structure.

The trusses are 32mm x 230mm (gross lumber size)

price per piece, always buy 2 per piece

Oregon lumber or Douglas fir can be used as lumber in all kinds of structures such as timber frames, walls, floors and roofs.

Lengths 3.05m. Planing, watering or impregnation optional

Strength class C18/C24 unsorted

planing, watering or impregnation can be ordered optionally

The quality of the wood

-it is very easy to handle

-it has a solid and rustic appearance

-it is a european wood species with an untreated life span of about 15 years, this can be extended by impregnation, or by staining yourself

-natural knots and flames

-Beautiful aging with visibly permanent drawings in the wood

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Wood is a natural product that may develop small cracks or fissures during drying. You should then shorten or possibly sort this out. As a result, there may be differences in the lengths. So don’t order too narrowly.

For more info on Oregon beams 32×230 C18, contact us

Delivery time 5-10 working days; with impregnation 10-15 working days