Thermo den 3blok shelves 27×133

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Thermo Den 3-block shelves 27×133 – For a timeless façade

Transform any façade with the elegance of Thermo Den 3-Block Planchettes. This versatile façade cladding not only adds rustic charm to your home, but also blends perfectly with modern architecture. With a width of 27 mm and a height of 133 mm, these shelves are carefully crafted for a sophisticated look.


Whether horizontal or vertical, the Thermo Den 3-Block Shelves adapt seamlessly to various façade styles. The 2-sided tongue and groove structure ensure a firm assembly and a sleek finish.

Ordering information:

The listed price is per square metre for the 27×133 shelves. When ordering, you take into account about 10% cutting waste. For example, for an area of 20m2, you order 22m2. Please note that Thermo Den may contain natural knots, which adds to its unique look. Standard delivery is in varying lengths (usually between 2.5 and 3.5m), with option for fixed lengths at an additional cost.


These Thermo Den shelves are of FAS quality, with sustainability as the key point. Due to an environmentally friendly thermal process, they are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The greying of the wood emphasizes the natural grains, which makes the character of Thermo Den even more pronounced.

Installation and maintenance:

Consult our information on the correct placement of façade cladding for a flawless installation. Keep in mind that thermally treated wood can be light and brittle, but this will not affect the installation. Small cracks or cracks during drying are normal and can be easily addressed.

Additional information:

Wood is a natural product, and Thermo Den shelves can show small cracks during drying. If you opt for fixed lengths, we will ensure that you can use all your ordered planks at the desired length flawlessly.

You can always count on us for guidance, project information or further instructions. Our delivery time is 5-15 business days, and we are ready to assist you with your Thermo Den project. Bring character to your façade with the timeless beauty of Thermo Den 3-Block Planchettes.