Garden house Oregon 295×325 +extension – 3705EXT150

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Garden house, Walls 28mm

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Garden house Oregon 295×325 +extension 150 – 3705EXT150

Construction Type: Log Cabin with Windproof 3D Corner Connection
Plank End Finish: Straight
Walls: built according to the classic log cabin principle, in 28mm thick solid spruce wood from the far north
Roofing: steel roof with anti-fog cloth

Dimensions base product W x D: 295 x 325 cm
Surface area garden house: 9.59 m²
Dimensions extension W x D: 167 x 325 cm
Extension surface area: 5.43 m²
Dimensions inner dimensions basic product W x D: 269.4 x 299.4 cm
Indoor garden area: 8.07 m²
Dimensions inner extension W x D: 153 x 325 cm
Indoor extension area: 4.97 m²
Dimensions roof projection base product W x D: 315 x 338 cm
Surface roof projection garden house: 10.65 m²
Dimensions roof projection extension W x D: 157 x 351 cm
Extension roof projection area: 5.51 m²
Front roof overhang: 10 cm
Minimum recommended concrete size: 458 x 325 cm

Wall height: 214/201 cm
Ridge height: 219 cm
Roof pitch: 2.5°
To be treated m²: 65 m²
Weight: 480 kg
Packages LxWxH: 350 x 110 x 50 cm

Door type 1: DDM03
Description door 1: double door modern
Glazing door 1: matt plexi
Lock type door 1: stainless steel sphere with cylinder
Door dimensions 1 W x H: 142 x 187 cm
Dimensions frame size door 1 W x H: 140 x 187 cm

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