Thermo American Ash

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Thermo American Ash Shelves – Durability in Style for Your Façade

Let your façade shine with Thermo American Ash shelves, a versatile choice that comes into its own in both rustic and modern settings. Whether you want to install horizontally or vertically, this 2-sided tongue and groove façade cladding is perfectly suited. The shelves have a size of 20 mm wide x 133 mm high.

Ordering information:

  • The price per square metre is indicated for the Thermo American Ash shelves of 20 x 133 mm.
  • When ordering, it is recommended to take into account about 10% cutting waste. For example, if you need 20m², order 22m².
  • Standard delivery in varying lengths according to stock (usually between 2.5 and 3.5 m).
  • Fixed lengths are available at an additional cost.

Quality of Thermo American Ash Shelves:

  • These shelves are of FAS quality.
  • American ash, which is not sustainable by nature, undergoes an environmentally friendly thermal process for sustainability.
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • After greying, the wood retains its beautiful pattern.
  • Thermo American Ash is known for its stability, which results in a durable finish to your façade.

Placement of Thermo American Ash Shelves:

  • Whether you opt for horizontal or vertical installation, you will find more information here for the correct installation of your façade cladding.
  • The thermal process makes the wood quite stable, which allows for easy and durable installation.

Additional information:

  • Wood is a natural product. When choosing fixed lengths, we ensure that you can use all supplied planks to the desired length without errors.
  • We are always at your disposal for guidance, project information, or further instructions. Count on us to calculate the right quantities of materials.
  • Our delivery time is 5-15 working days.

Bring sustainability and style together with Thermo American Ash shelves – an aesthetic and eco-friendly choice for your façade.

Placing the Thermo American Ash shelves

Hier kan u meer informatie vinden over de correcte plaatsing van uw gevelbekleding.

Additional information

All thermal wood types are very light and quite brittle (typical of the thermal process), so pieces of tooth can easily break off, for example. This does not pose a problem when installing. If you take into account the recommended 10% cutting loss, you will certainly be able to do so.

Wood is and remains a natural product. These Thermo American Ash shelves can also show small cracks or cracks during drying. You will then need to trim or sort these boards where necessary. There may be a difference in the lengths of the planks, so it is best to place them in random pattern. That is always cheaper.

When you opt for fixed lengths, we ensure that you can use all supplied planks at the desired length without errors.

For more information or guidance with your project, you can always call on us! You can also call on us at any time for calculating the correct quantities of materials or for further installation instructions.

Delivery time 5-15 working days