Thermo Ayous façade cladding

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Thermo Ayous Shelves – Sustainable Elegance for Your Façade

Experience timeless beauty with Thermo Ayous shelves, a versatile choice that works in both rustic and modern façades. Whether you want to install horizontally or vertically, this 2-sided tongue and groove façade cladding, 15 mm wide x 130 mm high, offers a beautiful and durable solution.

Ordering information:

  • The price per square metre is indicated for Thermo Ayous shelves, available in standard 16 x 133 or 3-block profiles.
  • When ordering, it is recommended to take into account about 10% cutting waste. For example, if you need 20m², order 22m².
  • Standard delivery in varying lengths according to stock (usually between 2.5 and 3.5 m).
  • Fixed lengths are available at an additional cost.

Quality of Thermo Ayous Planchetten:

  • These shelves are of FAS quality.
  • Ayous, which is not sustainable by nature, is undergoing an environmentally friendly thermal process for sustainability.
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • After greying, the wood retains its beautiful pattern.
  • Thermo Ayous is known for its stability, which results in a beautiful and durable finish for your façade.

Installation of Thermo Ayous Shelves:

  • Find more information about the correct installation of your façade cladding here.
  • Due to the thermal process, the wood is light and quite brittle, but this does not pose a problem when installing.

Additional information:

  • Keep in mind that all thermal woods are light and quite brittle due to the thermal process, but this will not affect placement.
  • Small cracks or cracks may appear during drying. With fixed lengths, we ensure that you can use all supplied planks to the desired length without errors.
  • We are always at your disposal for guidance, project information, or further instructions. Count on us to calculate the right quantities of materials.
  • Our delivery time is 5-15 working days.

Bring sustainable elegance to your façade with Thermo Ayous shelves – a sophisticated and eco-friendly choice that adds class to any project.